Jumaat, 20 Julai 2012


Assalamu alaykum and peace be upon all of you.

To all my blog's readers and all my Facebook's friends, I want to ask for forgiveness from all of you because my Facebook account has been disabled. I don't know why but it happened when I got back to my home, signed in my ID and password, and it's gonna be like this:

Click the image to enlarge

Although I've tried so many ways and times, I didn't manage to regain my account. O Allah! Please forgive me because I'm very sinful to You. Please help me to get back my Facebook account. It seems very much important to me~ T_T To those who knows how to 'revive' my Facebook account, you are strongly recommended to help me on the comment section below.

Last but not least, I really need help from all of you, my pals, my friends and my companions all around the world. Keep me in your prayers. Jazakumullah~!

Mood: Still sad :( But, Insha Allah, Allah will surely assist me, coz I know, He will never let me go~ :)

P/S: For those who want to connect with me, you can still do it by using your Twitter account. Here is my link: Twitter

LATEST UPDATE (21/7/2012)

For your information, I already create my new account on Facebook. Here is the link. Thank you! n_n


Alhamdulillah, all praise is to Allah!!! Finally, my old Facebook account has been republished again! Therefore, you can connect with me on this link. As a result, I must close or deactivate my new Facebook account so that I can focus on only one account. Jazakumullah for all your prayers. Alhamdulillah~ ^o^
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